14 Nov 2020

Most Romantic Food

Q. Which types of food do people see as most romantic? . A. Well, thanks to Betty Crocker’s  Dinner for Two Cookbook, we know what a romantic dinner looked like in 1958 North America. ‘Thousands of homemakers’ revealed their go-to dishes. Betty Crocker Romance i. Broiled steak ii. Roast beef

19 Oct 2020

Worst Halloween Candy

Q. “Trick or treat!” With each new open door came chatty adults – some beghouled – and new household noises, smells, and Halloween lighting. If we were lucky, friendly dogs would come bounding up to meet us. But, one key question remained: what would these strangers drop in our goodie

01 Oct 2020

Creating A Medieval Feast

Q. To many of us, preparing intricate dishes for even one round of a 2020 cooking competition looks plenty stressful. But what was it like to create and stage food for ravenous, judgy royals at Late Medieval feasts? . A. Master Chef Chiquart Amizco offers us a peek in. Poor

29 Aug 2020

Keep It Icy

Q. With September but days away and the crisp of fall in the air, we best get our outdoor ice-cream kicks in while we can. We won’t yet know how the pandemic affected our overall August ice-cream consumption, but in August of 2019, Statista reported that 1.87% of Canadian respondents

17 Aug 2020

Honey Do

Q. Sweet as honey. A taste of honey. A honey of a deal. You’re my honey (as long as you complete your ‘to do’ list) How did honey, of all the sugary alternatives, come to epitomize the ultimate, love-worthy sweetness? . A. Sweet, sweet honey finds it place in the

12 Aug 2020

First Wipes, Then Cloves?

Q. If you happened to visit the Gulf Islands last August, you might have noticed two strange things: i) a lot of people smelled like cloves, ii) there were no cloves to be found in the grocery store. Why was there a late summer run on cloves and should we

05 Aug 2020

I Hear Bacon

Q. Which specific foods do you think of when you hear the words: Sizzle Snap Crunch Pop Hiss Crackle Does the sound of food – being prepared, whilst being eaten – affect our perceptions of its taste? . A. The candles are lit, the napkins tightly creased, the forks polished,

24 Jul 2020

The Last Chocolate

Q. Restaurants and online shops spend a great deal of time word-smithing their food offerings. Are the waves of artisanal chocolate running down a ‘slope’ or a ‘bank’ of ice-cream? But can the way our food is described affect our taste experience? A. Yes. Yes it can. Imagine you’re at

26 Jun 2020

Dinner With Louis

Q. If you were lucky (?) enough to be invited to feast with the ravenous King Louis XIV, what would you be expected to eat? . A. Well, here’s a peek at a Sun King party menu that was recreated by chefs at the Palace of Versailles in 2010. A

17 Jun 2020

Jamaican Jerk Spice

Q. What is in Jamaican Jerk Spice? . A. When people learn that I’m half Jamaican, conversations quickly turn to the beautiful Blue Mountains, the turquoise sea, reggae, fresh mangoes, hard dough bread, and jerk spice. Jerk chicken, jerk pork, jerk breadfruit. The origins of jerk spice are up for